A Day at Wimbledon


 My brother and I traveled to London on Thursday as we’d won Wimbledon tickets from our local tennis club in Edinburgh. Friday dawned slightly dull and we thought that the rain might soon follow, but luckily the only rain that we saw that day merely delayed the start of play for 15 minutes before turning to bright sunshine. Neither of us had ever been to Wimbledon before, even though we watch it at home every year, so it was very exciting to soak up the atmosphere. We also had tickets for court two and so were guaranteed some good matches. First up we watched Simona Halep (runner up at the French Open) and she won quite comfortably after a shaky start. Next up was Lleyton Hewitt vs. Jerzy Janowicz which proved to be a thrilling five set encounter with the Pole just edging Hewitt out in the final set. Radwanska was also playing that afternoon and absolutely destroyed her opponent before Jamie Murray took to the court for his doubles match. One of my best friends was working at Wimbledon so on a break from play I met up with him and we wondered the grounds glancing in at all the matches on the outer courts which included the Bryan brothers in the doubles and a few British players here and there also playing doubles. It was a great day out and we felt very British when we went to eat our lunch, consisting of smoked salmon sandwiches, outside center court!

Monday=Fun Day…?

Waking up on the floor of a strange corridor with one of your housemates at 8am on a Monday morning was never going to be the best start to the week. Or was it… We realised we were on the floor in university halls and so proceeded to get up and leave before spying some first years we vaguely knew and following them to breakfast. They then took us back to our friends room in halls where we starting drinking some beer which we’d found and made a list of things to do that day. Needless to say our friend, who’d been woken up by two drunk girls dressed in a bizarre assortment of clothes, was very confused. And when I say friend I mean a girl who I was sort of friends with/knew from school and who my housemate didn’t really know at all; which made the situation even weirder. Anyway off we went to the bar on campus and ordered jagerbombs and a pint of cider each and downed them before running off to start the day of drunken fun. We snuck into a random lecture and sat in the middle of the lecture theatre for a few minutes before bursting into hysterics and running out, getting some very odd looks from the people in there. I had also ended up sitting right behind a guy I vaguely knew from surfing, ‘fit Jonny’ as I call him. Guess he won’t want to be seen with me anymore! We then went into the law library full of hard working students and decided it would be a fantastic idea to have a press up competition in the bookshelves, much more difficult after drinking and our giggles could probably be heard by everyone in the room. Finally we went to a zumba class. Now I suck at this sort of thing at the best of times but in my state I was getting my lefts and rights confused, and sort of making up my own routine when I simply couldn’t follow what the instructor was doing. My housemate fared slightly better but unfortunately for me she was taking sneaky videos of my pitiful attempts to keep up with the rest of the class. Hopefully they will never be shown to anyone else…

Work Experience

Summer started a week ago and already it’s been incredibly busy. I’ve been doing work experience with a law firm which is really interesting but also extremely tiring! The early starts weren’t something I was expecting when I thought about summer but it’s been worth it in the end. Since I’ve been spending much of my time at the courts in Edinburgh I’ve encountered some ‘interesting’ characters. First there was the man who tried to smuggle his booze into the courtroom only for the police to grab him and let him know in no uncertain terms that that was not allowed. Then came the man who fell asleep while the court was in full swing and woke up swearing and shouting; the judge was having none of that and looked like he was about to burst when he demanded there be no more interruptions otherwise people would be thrown out! Now that it’s over I have the exciting prospect of a lie in, but I’ll also miss the hustle and bustle of a day in court.

The End of an Era

As second year drew to an end we all took time to reflect on what has been a brilliant two years together. Many of our friends are going on year abroads in September and so we won’t all be at university together again. On our last evening we went to the pub and then afterwards we went home with everyone and sat in the dark in the living room listening to Bon Iver and generally just remembering all the good times we’ve had. As sad as it is that many people will be gone next year the fact that everybody cares so much just goes to show how close we’ve become in the past two years, and there will be many happy reunions soon enough. Although this is lame I feel it’s an apt thing to end on. “True friendship is not being inseparable, it’s being separated and nothing changes.”

Hope You’re Not Superstitious

Exams are over, the sun is out and second year at university is drawing to a close. It’s been a busy year with its ups and downs but what a great year it has turned out to be. The final day of term approached and we headed off to the beach for one last day of fun before everyone went their separate ways for the summer. It was a glorious day, 24 degrees, and not a cloud in sight. We played cricket, rounders and Frisbee before some of us decided to brave the sea and go for a swim. It was actually surprisingly warm considering we were in England and so we dived in and paddled about. A seaweed fight ensued followed by a vicious game of shoulder wars- I definitely came off worse falling off my (very tall) friend’s shoulders and landing in the sea with a belly flop… Then came the part of the day we’d all been dreading, the exam results had been released. On Friday the 13th of all days. Luckily everyone did very well and we celebrated by getting an ice-cream! Some people caught the train back to Exeter while others of us went in the car, and hardly surprisingly since we were all in such high spirits we proceeded to shout out the windows at everybody we passed either “bus wanker”, “golf wanker” or suchlike at everybody we passed. We may have finished second year but we’re no more mature than we were when we arrived at university!