Self-inflicted concussion

People normally end up concussed because an unfortunate accident. I ended up concussed because I did it to myself.

During my first year at university I was on a history social one night with a bunch of friends. It started off very chilled but fast forward a few hours and I was horrendously drunk. The history society had put money behind the bar and so we effectively had free drinks. Lots of free drinks. We then ventured to another pub after the social and proceeded to drink a lot more – what else do you do at uni? Eventually we decided to head back to halls but what would usually be a 15 minutes walk ended up taking about an hour. This was because of me and my refusal to just walk home normally. I have no recollection of this night after leaving the pub but I was informed I was a mess.

My friends tried to put me to bed but because I was so drunk I fell over and hit my head against my bedroom wall. It must have been quite a knock to wake up with concussion the next day… The following morning I was so out of it I could barely sit up and so spent hours lying on the bathroom floor attempting to pull myself together. Clearly I was unsuccessful because my friend came in to check on me later and genuinely thought I had died on the floor.


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