Self-Inflicted Concussion

In my first year at university I went on a history social with two of my friends from halls. It was at a cocktail bar so not a particularly wild night, or at least not for anyone else… I managed to get horrendously drunk and give myself concussion! Let me tell you how this happened. So the history society put money behind the bar and we were given free cocktails, lots of free cocktail I might add. This was all well and good until three of the guys and I decided to move onto another pub when the social had finished. I have no idea how much I drank but apparently I tried to make friends with the bouncers before the pub shut and we ventured off back to halls. The walk would normally have taken 15-20 minutes but because of the state I was in it took the guys a good 40minutes to get me home. Apparently I kept making them stop and stand on one side of the pavement while I told them why they were such good friends or something like this…I have no recollection of this walk. When we got back to halls they tried to put me to bed and because I was so drunk I fell over in my room or in my bed and smashed my head against the wall, this was the source of the concussion.

When I awoke the next morning I couldn’t even sit up because I felt so rough, although at about midday I decided I’d go and have a shower. I walked halfway to the bathroom said hi to my friend then dropped my stuff ran to the bathroom and was sick. My friend came in 2 minutes later with my stuff and I spent the next hour or so asleep/passed out on the bathroom floor. When one of the guys from my corridor came in he thought I was dead, so I guess I must have looked quite a state! Anyway just goes to show you can never predict what will happen on a night out with me.

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